Hi, I'm Tamara.

I'm here to coach your soul's voice & bring out the brand you've always dreamt of.

Because, that’s how you unlock a brand that positions you as an industry powerhouse.

You already have everything you need — your vision, your dream, your values — living inside.

I’m just here to help you bring it to light.

So, how do I know that you already hold the key to palpable, memorable branding that sells?

Allow me to wax poetic for a moment and tell you how I arrived here…

It all started when I was born.


But… it wasn’t that long after. Growing up, my beautiful mother was an opera singer. Like full-on makeup, on stage, wowing audiences.

Besides being a seriously awesome way to grow up — music seeped its way into my soul and became “my thing” at an early age.

(“Tamara… shouldn't you be telling me about branding? What’s with the music stuff?” We’re getting there! Hang tight, this gets good.)

Dandelion Seed (x1 black)

One night, when I was 11 years old, I woke up from a dream. In that dream I heard a song so clearly it was like I had headphones on. I jotted down what I could remember and the next morning, I planted myself right in front of the piano.

The music burst out of me.
I gave voice to my dream and wrote my first song. 

Fast forward to adulthood… years of hustle in corporate, working in PR, receiving award nominations, and making amazing money. It wasn’t bad. But it also wasn’t great.

Something was off. The corporate life just wasn’t working for me. (I secretly think that little 11-year-old songwriter was knocking at the door of my heart, telling me it was time to make a shift).

Tamara Freeman

In 2019, it all came together.

I’d been running my business (Tamara Freeman Design at the time) for two years and loving it. But still, something even better was coming...

I was in Hawaii on a spiritual business retreat...
(Seriously, all good things happen in Hawaii, right?)

Surrounded by other women leaders and business badasses, we meditated on a private beach under the stars.

And then, just like all those years ago when my song came to me in my dream — it hit me.

Full. On. Chills. (Always a sign I’m on the right path.)

I decided then and there to infuse that deep inner knowing into everything I do. I would live my life and lead my business SOUL FIRST.

This idea has morphed into my signature way of branding and coaching you to a brand that stands on stage and commands the attention you deserve.

I bring voice to your dreams.

We bring life to your vision.

And, together. We do it all Soul First.

Soul First dandelion seeds (x2)

So, what does it mean to live, lead, and brand Soul First?

First of all, let’s crack one myth wide open. A logo does not make a brand, friend.
(In fact, that’s only 10% of branding!)

The other 90%?

      ✓ A slogan or tagline that’s unique and all you

      ✓ Your signature methods and customer service

      ✓ Your website and marketing tactics

      ✓ A bangin’ social media presence that invites in your dream clients

      ✓ For you brick & mortar folks: a welcoming storefront

      ✓ The values and core mission you hold with the highest esteem

      ✓ The tone & unmissable personality of your messaging

      ✓ The quality and pricing of your products and services

(If that sounds like a lot… it is! But stick with me.)

The brands I create WOW and SELL like crazy because they come from YOUR passion and from inspired action.

It’s not all about the woo though.
We gotta have the strategy down — and that’s how your brand takes on a beautiful life of its own.

So, here’s what that looks like in brass-tacks ROI (the thing that makes your business a business).

  • Consistent branding that makes your dream clients go, “WOAH… they've really got their act together!”
  • Custom graphics and branding that supports your business as you continue to uplevel (and bring in more money haaaay!).
  • Less time spent second-guessing fonts, colours, and logos and more time serving your real purpose — running an inspired, profitable business.

If your brand isn’t doing ALL of these things — it’s not working to its maximum capacity and you, my friend, are missing opportunities to connect with your ideal clients.

My methods connect all of the DO-ing (strategy and acting) with BE-ing (aligning your soul with the work).

That’s the secret sauce, the alchemy behind beautiful, unmissable branding that never goes out of style and always sells.

Soul First dandelion seeds (x2)

Would you believe it if I said the process gets to be easy?

“Yeah, right Tamara,” I hear you say… and I GET it.

And, that’s probably because your brand is yours. Even if it hasn’t come to life yet, you’re SO up close and personal with it — it’s hard to pull things back and see the big picture.

But you, like me, are a #soulpreneur.

And that means all it takes is a trained eye, an outside perspective, and a soul-translator (that’s me!) to put all of the pieces together.

So, let’s talk about how we get you from a stressed-out, inconsistent, branding circus to a soul-led business with a brand that’s so on point — it’s like your heart is looking into a mirror.

I’m here to:

  • Simplify the complex, the nuanced, and the confusing.
  • Demystify the process of connecting with your soul’s purpose.
  • Amplify the voice in your heart and the vision in your head.
  • Beautify the end product and help you launch it to the world.

With me, it really does get to be easy. So, you ready to go all in?

Tamara Freeman
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